Packing glasses

Moving your precious breakable items can be stressful.

You might try to find a variety of ways to pack them or you might be procrastinating. Well, don’t keep stressing out. We have a solution for you!

As a Tampa moving company, we have plenty of experience packing and prepping breakables for moves. Use these tips to help you pack:

  • Pick the right box- Pick boxes that have plenty of room for your item AND packing materials. Make sure it is a strong box that won’t collapse when weight is added.
  • Fill the items- If you are packing glasses, bowls, and vases, you need to fill them so pressure on the outside doesn’t cause it to collapse inward.  Put tissue paper, extra socks, or newspaper inside.
  • Wrap it up- Wrap all of the items in bubble wrap.  Make sure it completely covered and secured with tape.  Be careful not to add too much tape.
  • Fill the box- Put at least 2 or 3 inches of packing material, such as packing peanuts, on the bottom of the box. Then place the items in carefully.  Fill the rest of the box with packing materials.  Make sure there is packing materials around the box and in between each item so there is not wiggle room.  Finally, tape the box shut.
  • Plates- For breakable plates, place them in the box vertically instead of horizontally.  This will help redistribute pressure to prevent breaking.

These tips will help your breakables get to your new home in one piece.  Or if you need assistance, we offer packing services for all of our customers.

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