The day has finally come. You’ve moved the last box into your new home and the hardest part of the process is over. However, there are a few major problems: your lights won’t turn on and some boxes are nowhere to be found.

As Syracuse movers, we understand how frustrating this is. Hauling your possessions from one home to another is a stressful process, and any mishaps are bound to increase stress. Because of this, a post-move checklist is essential and should always contain these key tasks.

1 Inspect Boxes and Furniture 

Unfortunately, the moving process isn’t always graceful, so it’s imperative to inspect all belongings. Can’t seem to find the box with your bedding? Take another look inside the truck to make sure you didn’t miss anything. Did you pack all of your glassware in one box? Open it and make sure everything is still in one piece.

2 Set Up Utilities

Before moving forward with the next step, you need to get your utilities up and running. If you fail to do so, get ready for a long night of lighting candles and eating takeout.

3 Test Appliances

If appliances were moved and installed in your new home, make sure you test them to ensure they’re functional. It’s possible for these items to be installed incorrectly, or even worse, broken during the move.

By dotting your “I’s” and crossing your “T’s” after a move, your first night in your new home will be a comfortable and relaxing one.

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