With all the planning, care and effort that go into a successful move, it’s easy for some things to fall through the cracks. After more than 100 years as a premier local moving company in Tampa, the pros at Lincoln want to make sure that your transition is as smooth and seamless as possible. To help keep you on-track and ready for your big day, we’ve put together a list of all the “must-do” items you’ll need to check off before the moving van arrives.

Here are a few reminders:

  • Change address: Don’t leave mail behind. A few days before you move, fill out a change of address form with your local post office (you can do it online as well). You can give the date that you want your mail to begin arriving at your new location (we suggest the day before or after the move, so your postman doesn’t get entangled with the moving crew). Also be sure to alert friends or neighbors, and fill out new address cards with any magazine subscriptions you have, if you wish to continue receiving those magazines.
  • Utilities: Make sure to contact each of your utility providers separately and let them know of your new address. Ask them to shut off service to your old location the day of the move and turn on service at the new location the day before so the transition is seamless. Include water, electricity, and even cable TV and/or Internet service.
  • Clean out perishable food: Your fridge/freezer will be unplugged for a period of time – several hours for a shorter move, potentially days for a longer one – so it is best to clean out your appliance of all food by either giving it to a neighbor or donating it to food banks or Move For Hunger. Once all the food is out, clean the insides thoroughly to rid your appliances of any lingering smells or stains.
  • Move the basics: If your new home is within a reasonable driving distance, take time to drive over a few car loads of essential items before your actual moving day. Taking the time to set up the bathroom, kitchen essentials and a ready pair of pajamas can make unpacking on your moving day significantly less stressful.
  • Pack an “first day” kit: If your new home isn’t reasonably close or you don’t have time before moving day, be sure and pack up a “first day” box of all the things you’ll need right when you arrive. Keep it stocked with plenty of toilet paper, paper towels, basic cleaning supplies, snacks, tools, and your kids’ favorite toys or games. You can never be too prepared!

When it comes to local Tampa moving companies, Lincoln Moving & Storage is proud to provide you with excellent customer service, reasonable prices and all the resources you need for an effective moving experience. We provide you with a free estimate and give you the service and efficiency you deserve and should expect. Don’t hesitate – before your pre-move checklist, call us at Lincoln Moving & Storage today!