Moving Day

When you decide to make a move to a new home, the process seems simple enough—find a mover, pack up your stuff, load your belongings, and you’re on your way!

In reality, the moving process can be much more complicated, and not every item that you have in your current home is going to be able to make it onto the back of the moving truck. In fact, there are several categories of items that are simply too hazardous or risky for moving companies to transport—so you need to know what can and cannot be put on your truck before you get surprised when the big day arrives.  

Hazardous Items

It may not come as a surprise that the first thing on the “do-not-load” list for moving companies is hazardous substances, chemicals, and flammable household items. With the rising temperatures in the back of a moving van and heavy regulations regarding transport, it’s not a safe place to store any of the following items: 

·  Combustible Liquids and Compressed Gases, like Aerosols and Lighter Fluid

·  Bleach- or Ammonia-Containing Household Chemicals

·  Oil and Gas, Regardless of Storage Method

·  Paint Cans, Paint-Related Materials, and Polishes

·  Pesticides, Herbicides, Poisons, and Fertilizers

·  Explosives, including Firearms and Ammunition

Household Plants

It makes sense that moving companies won’t transport hazardous or flammable items, but did you know that your house plants are also your responsibility during a move?

Regardless of the size of your relocation, plan on transporting any plants in your personal vehicle. Even if you are making a move locally, chances are good that your moving company won’t take on the responsibility of protecting your fragile plants on the back of a moving truck. There are also some states that strictly regulate what flora can cross state lines, so if you are planning an interstate relocation, you’ll want to make sure that you are on the up-and-up with any local or state requirements.  

Important Documents & Valuables

Even the most qualified mover can’t predict events that are out of their control, so there is always a chance that some of your items may become lost or damaged during the long process of moving. That’s why most moving companies recommend that you keep all essential documents and valuables with you during the process—including birth certificates, social security cards, moving contracts, fine jewelry, irreplaceable heirlooms, and antiques.  

Medications and Daily Essentials

Particularly in cases of long distance moving, there can be a period of time where you are living at your new home before your items arrive on the moving truck. This can be a problem if you packed all of your essentials, so avoid the stress by keeping medications, toiletries, changes of clothes, and other must-haves with you.

Creating a moving suitcase for each member of your family—including the pets—is a smart solution for making sure that everyone has what they need, even if the movers are delayed.  

In short, if your items are fragile, hazardous, priceless, or essential to your daily life, you are going to want to make alternative plans for getting them to your new home! At Lincoln Moving & Storage, we’re a family owned business and Atlas Van Lines agent that has been helping local families get to their new homes since 1914.

What does that mean for you?

Whether you’re staying here in Buffalo or planning a move across the country, we can help you sort through all of the challenges that come with moving to a new location—right down to helping you sort what you should and should not pack on the truck! To learn more, call or fill out our online form, and we’ll fill you in on all of the details of what we offer during your free consultation.