When you’re getting ready to move, there can be a number of items in your household that require meticulous packing. If you have collectible antique furniture or items with high sentimental value, it’s necessary to take extra precautions in order to avoid irreparable damage. That’s why it’s important to hire a professional moving company capable of handling your antiques with care. Expert movers will take the proper steps to ensure your items maintain their impeccable condition.

Whether it’s a wooden bedroom set or an upholstered sofa, there are a few key tips for the safe transfer of antique furniture:

Wrap Your Wooden Furniture in Pads or Blankets

Antique wooden furniture like a desk, credenza, or bureau is especially susceptible to scratches and dents when moved. For that reason, skilled movers pad-wrap this type of furniture in protective blankets. Proper pad-wrapping keeps the item secure from damage while in transit. If you need to store wooden furniture for a period of time, we also recommend polishing it beforehand for an extra layer of protection.

Use Plastic Wrap for Upholstered Furniture

When it comes to any high-value upholstered furniture, you want to make sure it’s safe from tears as well as moisture. It would be heartbreaking to discover ripped sofa cushions or mildewy dining room chairs during the unpacking process! We recommend wrapping this type of furniture in several layers of plastic in order to create a durable barrier from water, as well as sharp or pointy objects.

Get Custom Crating for Valuables

Custom crating is the superior way to protect valuables or antiques and is highly recommended for long-distance relocations. A professional moving company can provide specialized crating options for everything from a precious painting to a large canopy bed. When you partner with a skilled team of moving experts, you can rest easy knowing your irreplaceable items are in safe hands!

Trust Lincoln Moving & Storage with Your Full-Service Moving Needs

Whether you have a collectible china cabinet or a cherished family armoire, Lincoln Moving & Storage can provide top-level protection for your items! We’re a full-service moving company offering quality packing supplies, premium furniture padding and wrapping, custom crating for fragile belongings, and short-term storage options.

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