It makes sense that most moves take place in the summer. No one wants to carry heavy boxes of kitchenware on slippery ice! You should know, however, most Buffalo long-distance moving companies are booked to capacity from June to August. For this reason, it’s important to plan your interstate move well in advance. 

Choose a Reputable Moving Company 

In your search for the right moving provider, you’ll find that a lot of moving companies are associated with a van line. This is because van lines have the necessary licensing to transport household items across state lines. 

When hiring a moving company for your move, ask them if they’re an agent with a major van line such as Atlas. If not, ask them if they have their own licensing to make sure they’re qualified to move your belongings across state lines. 

Make Your Move Efficient 

You’ll save on your move if you can avoid storage costs. Try your best to time your departure and arrival times accordingly. If for whatever reason you can’t move into your new place the same day you move out of your old one, ask your moving provider if they offer storage solutions. 

Protect Expensive Belongings

Not many homeowners are aware of released value protection. This is a free, basic valuation coverage all moving companies are required to provide by law. It’s important to remember that released value protection does not cover an item’s replacement value. 

Instead, basic valuation coverage goes by an item’s weight. So, if you have an item(s) that is particularly expensive or of high-value, ask your moving provider about full-value protection options. 

Decide What to Take With You

If an item of yours is just too special to put in the hands of someone else, consider taking it with you in your own vehicle. You should also consider what is worth taking and what needs to go. Sell old furniture and donate unwanted shoes to start fresh in your new home. 

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