Seniors move for a variety of reasons. You might be moving because you’ve just retired and want to explore a new part of the country. Perhaps you’ve decided you want to move closer to family who live out of state. Whatever your reason, a move later in life can be a bit more complicated than at other times. Finding a reliable Buffalo long-distance moving company that is experienced with helping people downsize can save you from a headache down the road.

Whether you’re a senior that’s moving or a relative that is assisting with an aging parent’s move, you rely on movers with strong communication skills. Be sure a potential moving company is available for questions or concerns by phone, video, email, or text. With adequate communication, you can feel more relaxed knowing your home is taken care of.

The longer you’re in a home, the more likely it is that you accumulate many possessions. If you or your loved one is moving into a home that is smaller than their current one, be sure to allot enough time to sort through belongings. Decide whether you’re going to donate unwanted items to charity or give them away to friends and family.

Partnering with a professional moving crew has the benefit of saving you time and hassle when it comes to moving and transporting your personal belongings. Skilled movers know the most efficient ways to safely pack your items. They also know how to prevent your belongings from getting damaged during the transportation process. For relatives helping their loved ones coordinate moves from out-of-state, professional movers are also convenient for when you can’t be there in-person to help.

Do you or your relative have sensitive medical equipment? If so, don’t forget to ask potential moving companies about their experience relocating heavy and expensive equipment. Ask them their process for disassembling medical equipment and what steps they take to ensure the pieces are safe during transit.

Moving can be an emotional time. Don’t be afraid to ask for support from a friend or family member during your relocation. Ask one of them to accompany you during the move. If you’re a relative assisting a loved one, offer to be with them during this time. Keep pets’ emotions in mind, too. Be sure all pets are near their own to help them feel more at ease.

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