You might be surprised to learn that you’re not quite as young or nimble as you were the last time you moved. With every year that passes, trudging back and forth with stacks of boxes feels a little bit more difficult. For most of us at least—minus the athletic types who will find this stuff second nature. For everyone else, this is a gentle reminder that moving is a lot of physical work and the risk of throwing your back out or suffering another type of injury that keeps you off your feet and out of work is pretty high. Here are a few tips from some Buffalo, NY long-distance movers to keep you safe on moving day.

Start the Day in the Right Place

Get your head on straight with a good night’s sleep, nutritious meals, and plenty of hydration. When we skip these basic needs, we all become a little less skilled at keeping our emotions in check. Don’t let a low-blood sugar meltdown cause you to make a poor decision on moving day. Sleep, nutrition, and hydration are the basics of keeping a level head.

Treat it Like a Marathon Workout

When your trainer says stretching is important—it is. Putting cold muscles through eight hours of intense lifting is always a bad idea. Before you start hauling boxes and lifting furniture, do some stretching and get warmed up. If you’re into yoga, do a morning workout that focuses on stretching your back and your hamstrings.

Lift with Your Legs

Keep in mind that most injuries are the result of inappropriate lifting techniques. You can keep yourself safe by remembering to stand close to objects when lifting and carrying and to get help with heavy or awkward objects. Make a habit of lifting with your legs and squatting as you set things down so that your back isn’t doing all the work. 

Stay Organized

Work safely and efficiently by keeping things tidy as you work to move everything from the house to the truck and from the truck to the new house. Keeping clear pathways and sticking to a plan is another great way to prevent injuries from accidental falls. This includes rugs or loose carpeting. 

Use the Right Tools

Most of the heavy lifting can be done with a hand truck. Don’t carry boxes unless you need to. And if you’re moving large appliances like a refrigerator, ask your movers about lifting straps. There’s no reason to do more work than you have to. Your moving company should have all the tools you need available.

The Bottom Line on Preventing Injuries While Moving

Most people never think about the potential risk of an injury from moving. It’s a common thing that millions of people do all the time. But that doesn’t change the fact that it is still physically demanding. Lifting and carrying are both common causes of musculoskeletal injuries. If throwing your back out on a box of books doesn’t sound like your idea of a good time, heed this advice from our experienced residential movers in Buffalo New York.

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