During a home relocation, boxes are always part of the process. Depending on the kind of belongings you want to move, you need to choose boxes that fit the profile, including the size, weight, and value of the items. The tips discussed below will provide some useful insight to help you choose the right boxes for your relocation. 

Small Size Moving Boxes

Small cardboard moving boxes are ideal for carrying heavier items like books and canned goods. They are also good for grouping smaller items together. 

Medium Size Moving Boxes

These are the most versatile and most used boxes by residential movers. That’s because the boxes can accommodate many types of items. However, you must observe the weight limitations printed on the boxes. 

Large Size Moving Boxes

Large cardboard boxes are perfectly suited for carrying lightweight bulky items such as pillows, comforters, blankets, stuffed animals, etc. 

Dish Pack Box

Dish pack boxes are equipped with dividers to help you separate small, fragile items from each other. They’re excellent for packing glassware and dishes but can be used for other fragile items too. 

Wardrobe Box

This type of box contains a handy metal rod for hanging clothing as you would in your closet. It’s an excellent choice if you have formal wears and clothing you don’t want to get wrinkled during transport.

Electronics Box

This type of cardboard box comes with thicker walls. It’s designed to accommodate the weight and size of common household electronics during transit. Home movers can use it to convey sound systems, desktop computers/monitors, microwave ovens, etc. 

TV Box

To protect your flat screen televisions during transportation, long-distance movers from a trusted household moving company can use these boxes. The cardboard is more durable for such purposes. 

Large Picture/Mirror Box

This type of cardboard box is designed to offer adequate protection to large mirrors or works of art. Most times, the boxes contain handles that make them easier to carry. 

Mattresses Bags & Boxes

Mattress bags are often made with plastic to protect your mattress and box springs from dirt during a move. If you can spend some extra cash, durable mattress bags or mattress boxes offer extra protection and may contain convenient handles to help with carrying.

Extra Tall Box

These are cardboard boxes that can accommodate tall, narrow items, including your floor lamps, golf clubs, and fishing equipment. 

File Box

Perhaps you have some documents and personal files you don’t want in your desk or filing cabinet during the move. This type of cardboard box can prove useful for transporting them. 

Custom Crates

Sometimes, some items won’t fit in any of the standard types of boxes, no matter how hard you try. Talk to a professional residential moving company about having these items enclosed in a wood crate custom-built for that item. This is an ideal solution for larger items that need extra protection in transit, like sculptures, artwork, and furniture. 

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