Successfully moving your garage can be more time consuming than you originally thought. At Lincoln Moving & Storage we want to provide you with easy and simple tricks to make your do-it-yourself residential moving experience a breeze. We have been successfully managing our moving team for over 100 years, and with these simple tricks we know you will have a successful moving experience too. 


Often found in garages and outdoors grills need careful packing to be moved without damage. We suggest wrapping the outside of your grill with moving pads and straps to keep it secure. We also suggest securing the grates of your grill to make sure they do not damage inside your grill during a move. Make sure to dispose of any charcoal briquettes and propane tanks. Propane tanks are dangerous to move and could cause an explosion.

Flammable Liquids and Paints

Check with your local government offices regarding rules on disposing flammable liquids. These are also not safe to transport and moving paint can create a huge mess!

Lawncare & Landscaping Tools

Depending on what your new yard is going to look like, it may be best to leave behind any unneeded lawn equipment. Make sure to check with the new homeowners, or ask a neighbor if they can use the equipment. For any other regular lawn equipment, they are mostly designed for rough handling and should not need any special packing. Our pro tip in this area is to make sure you empty out all fuel storage containers before you transport them.


Tool chests are the best form of transportation for any and all tools. Make sure to secure your tools and lock the drawers and wheels before transporting. If you have any specialty saws or metal working equipment it may be best to have it specialty crated. Call Lincoln Moving & Storage for any of your specialty tool moving needs.

Unwanted Items

Right before you move is a great time to purge your garage of all the unwanted items you have collected. Have a big garage sale, or call a local charity to see if they could use any of your unwanted items. Getting rid of these items before you move makes moving into your new home much easier.


If you are not planning on driving a vehicle to your new home you will need to rent a trailer that can accommodate whichever type of automobile you need moved. A professional moving company may be able to supply you with this type of trailer as well. We suggest you purchase additional reimbursement coverage to help in the event of accidental damage during transportation.


At Lincoln Moving & Storage we have learned that motorcycles are difficult to transport. Do not ruin your motorcycle during your long-distance move, call us for help. We will specialize a crate with proper tie-down straps to ensure safe transport. If you would like to do it yourself sometimes these crates can be found online. If you need help, call Lincoln Moving & Storage today for a free moving estimate.