Lincoln Moving and Storage is here to help you with great tips on how to properly use moving boxes. You do not want to improperly pack a box and potentially break your items or hurt someone helping you move. It is important to pack properly whether you are doing a local or long-distance move. Putting your items in a moving truck without proper box packing is asking for trouble! If you are determined to move your home yourself follow these tips or call Lincoln Moving and Storage to do the packing for you. 

Dish Pack Box

A dish pack box is important to keep around for moving fragile or small delicate items. This box usually comes with dividers that allows for some separation. It is also a great option for packing up the dishes in your kitchen.

Mirror Box

Another fragile friendly box is the mirror or large picture box. With its protective design this box is great for large mirrors or wall art. These boxes also normally come with handles for easier moving. 

Mattress Bags & Boxes

You should always cover your mattress and box spring during your move. It is important to keep these items clean so you do not have to dispose of them when you get to your new location. Plastic mattress bags are perfect for protecting these items, or you can spend a little more money on mattress boxes that often come with handles for easier moving.

Wardrobe Box

Wardrobe boxes are perfect for transporting hanging items. These boxes contain a metal rod that allows you to put formal wear and clothing you do not want to wrinkle in a safe and easy to move location.

Large Moving Boxes

Large moving boxes are great for carrying bulky but light weight items. We suggest using these boxes for pillows, blankets, stuffed animals, comforters and coats.

Medium Moving Boxes

These versatile boxes can accommodate many types of items, we use these the most at Lincoln Moving and Storage. It is important to watch the weight limit of each box, and to test and make sure you can still pick them up as you pack.

Small Moving Boxes

Smaller moving boxes are great for carrying heavier items. Items like books and canned goods work great in these boxes. Small boxes are also good for grouping small items all together in one place. 

Custom Crates

You may be surprised to learn that there are items in your home that do not fit in one of the above standard boxes. With these items it is best to call a professional moving company like Lincoln Moving and Storage to talk about custom crating. We will build your item a custom wooden crate that will protect it from damage during your residential move. This is common for items like sculptures, artwork, or custom antique furniture.