Moving in the winter is generally quieter and more cost-effective than moving during peak-season months. Still, moving in the cold with a harsher climate does have its challenges. Here are the top five tips for an effective winter move.

Plan Ahead

The winter months have more than one major holiday to keep in mind. While families often take time off work to enjoy those celebrations together, so do people in the moving and storage industry. Schedule your move early to ensure that your relocation services are fully staffed and able to accommodate.

Get an Estimate Early

Speaking of the winter holiday season, it often comes with excess spending. If you get a moving cost estimate early, it’ll help you ensure that your residential move is fully funded. That way, you don’t blow your moving budget or cramp your gift-giving spirit.

Keep Pathways Clear

If you live in a place that gets a lot of snow or ice, that could make moving day hazardous. Ensure your sidewalks, driveways, and loading areas are free of icy weather accumulation to provide a safer environment. You can shovel them off and lay down salt, kitty litter, or sand.

Protect Your Floors

Even with a clear pathway, melting snow or ice leaves behind muddy, wet ground conditions. You don’t want movers dragging that into your home. Instead, put down heavy-duty mats in entryways. You can also line your floors with blankets, cardboard, or towels.

Turn Your Utilities On

Whether you’re moving locally or have a little further to go, ensure your utilities are turned on at the new house. To prevent damage, many appliances and household goods need to be brought to an appropriate room temperature before being unpacked.

Final Thoughts

Moving during the winter has its advantages and disadvantages. Preparing early can help you mitigate some of the challenges of a long-distance move in the winter. If you want a truly hassle-free move, give the experienced team at Lincoln Moving and Storage a call.