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If your new home is not ready to receive you, Lincoln Moving & Storage offers storage facilities that are clean, secure and climate-controlled to store your belongings until you are ready. With our storage facilities in Rochester, your goods stay safely packed in their original cartons in large, sturdy storage containers that we mark and store securely in the warehouses to prevent loss or damage. Large upholstered furniture, such as sofas, rest on specifically designed racks, protected from dust and dirt with the stretch wrap we apply before loading. Whether long or short term storage, Lincoln Moving and storage service allows you the convenience of storing your goods securely in Rochester, until you can accept delivery. You can count on us to keep your goods safe while in our care and deliver them to your home once you have scheduled a time.

When you trust Lincoln Moving & Storage with your belongings, you deserve every assurance the facility is high quality. Our Rochester warehouses won't let you down; they are regularly inspected and graded by our own quality inspectors. Quality must exceed the minimum standards to be suitable for storing your possessions, safe and secure, until you need them. At Lincoln Moving & Storage, we are experts in:

  • Providing clean, secure, climate-controlled storage facilities.
  • Using secure storage containers to protect your items from loss or damage.
  • Leaving household items in original cartons to minimize handling.
  • Storing upholstered furniture in stretch wrap on special racks.
  • Sheltering of cars, boats, trailers, motorcycles and other vehicles inside facilities.
  • Regular inspection and grading of warehouses by our own quality inspectors.
  • Long term storage and short term storage.
  • Warehouses monitored by state of the art security systems.
  • Care and professionalism from our highly trained movers who provide award winning moving services.
  • Climate-controlled rooms for piano storage, fine artwork, books, and wine storage.

Lincoln Moving & Storage also provides excellent warehousing and distribution services in Rochester! Call our office for your free estimate and find out how quick and stress free we can make your storage needs.